Thursday, April 25, 2013

Strengthen Your Immunity to Temptation

Another quick tip for kicking porn: Don't let temptations go unanswered. Check out this 2-minute video on how to catch those thoughts and activate your mental immune reaction to them.

Stop letting tempting thoughts sneak in and pollute your mind. Left unanswered they'll just fan the flames of emotion and motivation. Put those thoughts into words. Broadcast the propaganda. Then broadcast your more clear-thinking response. Temptation won't stop there, of course. Broadcast it's next attack and your next defense.

Here's an example one of my clients texted me the other day:

Temptation: You can give in one more time, what difference will it make?
Man of God: How many times have I listened to that lie? Too many, but not this time. You're done ruining my life
Temptation: Oh, come on! Suddenly you're so serious about life and the future? Things are going to work out just fine even if you enjoy yourself now!
Man of God: Actually, life is getting more and more enjoyable all the time as I avoid degrading myself.
Temptation: Don't be so strict and hard. A little enjoyment isn't going to ruin anything. You don't need to give up the fun side of life entirely!
Man of God: I'm remembering what true enjoyment is. Giving you up is like giving up chocolate-covered razor blades. I refuse to keep slashing myself with you.

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  1. These videos are great!! However, the suggested videos on the right hand side on youtube, next to your video, are an accident waiting to happen. Perhaps you can put a different title on you videos to avoid those other videos being suggested. Thanks again though.!!