Resources Paul Cook's site offering tons of information and "The truth about porn and sex addiction."

Healing for the Soul created by Jayson Graves, M.MFT: A professional who's "been there" himself and is now in recovery.

Sexual Recovery Institute by Rob Weiss. Rob's a veteran therapist in this area with lots of wisdom.

Heal Your Home created by Ryan Nickel. Solid information and great ideas.

Covenant Eyes. Filtering is great, and accountability aps take computer safeguards to the next level. As one of my clients said, "Avoiding porn is a lot easier now that I know I'm in a fishbowl whenever I get on the computer."

New Life Habits has lots of recovery tips and practical ideas for overcoming pornography.

Strengthening Marriage Laura Brotherson's blog explores ways to strengthen marriage through sexual fulfillment. Wendy and Larry Maltz are authors of The Porn Trap and many other books on healthy sexuality. Great website with tons of information.