Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Put Your Battle with Craving Into Words

Quick Porn-Kicking Tip: Text out the debate between you and your urge to relapse. Check out this 2-minute video on the power of this technique...


Don't keep doing battle with craving on it's home field: the realm of emotion. Drag it onto your home court, where logic, reasoning, and your true, higher self play ball: the realm of language and reasoning!

Next time temptation hits, text yourself or someone who supports you--like me for instance! 801-564-7566--what your Craving Voice tells you and your True Self's answers. For instance:

CV: Wow! You know you can't pass THAT up. Gotta check it out!
TS: Every day I pass it up is a day closer to being completely in charge of my own life.
CV: But think of how you MISS it!
TS: I do miss the delight and the high. I sure don't miss the shame, guilt, and lack of self-respect.
CV: Remember how good just a little taste is? Just dance on the edge of porn for a few minutes.
TS: The edge that always gives way under my feet and sends me sprawling into a full-blown relapse?
CV: You really think you can give up ALL the fun we used to have together?
TS: I'm finding life is much more rewarding as I explore a wider variety of ways to have fun.

Even if your arguments for resisting aren't elegant or weighty, the very act of putting the battle into words will help neutralize your cravings. I can't always answer back, but occasionally I'll pass along some ideas for boosting your True Self's argument.

Good luck! You can do it! 

Get Real--Kick Porn!

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