Friday, July 4, 2014

Celebrating Freedom!

It's Independence Day in the United States, and everywhere I go I'm reminded of the blessings of freedom and liberty. 

As focused as I am on our nation's independence is, I also rejoice in the growing personal freedom that I see everyday in the lives of clients and readers of this blog. Here's an email I got this week from a former client, Valerie:

Hi Mark,

It has been awhile since we touched base. We've been busy with, well, life. I have been giving myself time to struggle and Randall and I have been working hard on the road to healing and recovery for both of us. 

Struggle is the perfect word to describe the journey we've been on. We have had screaming matches (unusual for us), we've had tears, hugs, and laughter. We've threatened to give up and we have vowed never to give up. I guess you could say that we have gone through a lot the past couple of months. 

I have been reading your blog, praying, participating in actions that bring me closer to the Holy Ghost, as well as having my days of frantically going through the internet search history and obsessing about my appearance. 

I am working everyday towards putting my efforts toward more uplifting and liberating actions rather than the ones that destroy me. I am actually progressing and using the tools that you describe in your blog. 

Our communication is flourishing and Randall is still porn free! He has been working hard on his own as well as on us. 

This email is just to update you and extend to my enduring gratitude towards you, Suncrest Counseling, and all the work you do. We could not have gotten through as much as we have without y'all. Thank you. 

Warm Regards,


My hat's off to you, Valerie and Randall, and all of the rest of you who are putting your heart and soul into trying to change and heal. May God continue to bless you in your quest for personal freedom!

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