Monday, March 18, 2013

Sign up for my presentation on Rebuilding Trust at the Dating Diva's Tele-Retreat

I'm excited to be speaking at the Dating Diva's third annual Successful Marriages Tele-Retreat.

Friday March 22, 7:00 p.m. MST

It's a three evening marriage retreat you can attend from the comfort of your own love seat! I'm sharing the mic with five other speakers who will inspire and teach you how to make your marriage all it can be.

Here is an intro to my topic:

Trust: The Foundation of a Secure Relationship--and a Full Life!

Until we feel secure in our most important relationship we simply can't move on and give our all to other life endeavors. Unfortunately, the way we seek security can sometimes leave our spouse feeling defensive, like nothing they do helps. Fortunately, we can learn to seek security in a way that fosters their understanding and support. Then we not only feel close to our lover but ready to take on the world! This bond can be difficult to rebuild if trust is violated, but working together many couples are proving it can be done.

I'm excited to share these helpful ideas with you. I hope you'll join us this Friday night!

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